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Our Story

HarrisX is a market research and consulting services company focused on the telecom, media, and personal technology industries. We run the largest syndicated consumer research trackers in the industry, which were acquired from Nielsen in 2017 and include data going back to 2005, focused wireless services and devices, OEMs, cable, ISPs, and the emergence of 5G and IOT.

Our Vision

Our mantra is DATA + CREATIVITY = STRATEGY. We deliver an agile and iterative research process that combines syndicated and custom research with high end industry expertise. Our SWAT team of experts is nimble, interactive, leverages the latest technology and deep industry expertise to solve complex problems in real-time.

Our Research

HarrisX covers most aspects of mobile market research, including: Syndicated Research, Custom Research, Overnight & Omnibus Polling, Customer and Retail Experience, Pricing Research, Big Data & Analytics, Audience Segmentation & Microtargeting, and Integrated Campaign Management.


1. A noteworthy special talent or quality.

2. A variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.


Mobile Insights, with it’s focused insights and five deep-dive topical reports, is a syndicated survey reaching back to 2005 that provides, reliable insights on your mobile consumer in nearly every capacity, as they evolve.

Total Communication Survey, with it’s broad insights and three recontact deep-dive topical reports, is a syndicated survey reaching back to 2008 that provides, reliable insights on your consumers video, internet and streaming services.

Billing Snapshots is a syndicated survey that combines actual pricing and usage information from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers with survey responses. Reliable insights on Top 4 Mobile consumers include demographics, satisfaction, switching intent, number of lines, data/voice/text usage, plan details and pricing.

Customer Insights reveals valuable consumer intelligence across segments and environments: User Experience, Usability, Interactivity, Shopping Experience and Brand Engagement.

Big Data and Data Science unlocks the most value from your Business Intelligence investments with HarrisX’s cutting-edge expertise and improves how your organization analyses info, derives meaningful insights and presents them for consumption:

  • Identify missed opportunities
  • Identify any structural gaps and inefficiencies
  • Adhere to best practices in security, privacy and back-up protection
  • Collaborate with HarrisX Data Scientists
  • Take advantage of HarrisX Consulting & Advisory Services

Custom Services does not just provide data. We evaluate your needs, gather data with advanced techniques, and parse it in ways that are easy to understand and even easier to use. We collaborate with you to identify the right solutions. We partner with you to select and implement the best methods that will provide the highest quality insights you are seeking.

Omnibus allows you to attach your own queries and customize your own tracker to discover timely and cost-effective custom insights that inform business-critical decisions.

Retail Shopper Services for brick-and-mortar and digital channels – combined with HarrisX’s Mobile Insights Survey, its suite of companion data, and custom research design – provides access to a wealth of insights. Thousands of data points deliver unique insights about today’s consumer to assist with product, pricing, promotion and placement strategies.




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