Market Pulse on Samsung Foldable Phone + Additional Custom Questions


Since Samsung’s Foldable Phone announcement, understand consumer awareness, attitudes, who may be likely to purchase this new device, and how the importance of foldable phones stack up against 5G technologies



This report captures a pulse on the market – understanding how consumers perceive Samsung’s recent Foldable Phone announcement. Since Samsung announced its future release of a Foldable Phone, HarrisX aimed at understanding consumer awareness of the announcement, attitudes towards the new device, the profile of consumers expressing interesting in purchasing this new device, where market share may be moving from, and how the importance of foldable phones stack up against 5G technologies.

The study was fielded February 21-22, 2019 and leverages the HarrisX Overnight Poll – an online survey of 1,000 gen pop U.S. respondents aged 18+, which runs every day, 365 days a year. 

Available Outputs:

Full Report (PowerPoint) + Databook 

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