Customer Service Channel Flows


Evaluate customer service channel flows most commonly taken to resolve various issues with wireless service providers. Develop an understanding of the impact channel flows have on the overall experience, both satisfaction and resolution rates.



This report helps to understand the relationship between why consumers may need to contact their carrier more than one time to resolve a single issue (“multi-contactors”) and what channels are being used to resolve their issue and the impact this on satisfaction with their wireless service satisfaction.

The analysis sampled 9,092 customers (“multi-contactors”) who contacted their carrier more than one time to resolve a single issue/problem/question through more than one customer service channel/mode – tracking the flow of the customer care journey through interactions with two of four possible customer service channels: retail store, website, phone, and other digital (a composite of email, social media, online chat via a carrier’s website, and a carrier’s mobile app).


Available Outputs: Full Report (PowerPoint) + Databook


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