Capturing the Unlocked Device Opportunity


Understanding the unlocked consumer and who they are, what devices they own,  who is intending to purchase an unlocked device in the future, and if they plan to switch carriers.



This report focuses on understanding the “Unlocked Device Owners”, which are defined as those who reported purchasing a factory unlocked device that can be used at any carrier. They present a quarterly sample of approximately 1,500 respondents.

The analysis dives deep into the following areas:

  • Penetration of Unlocked Devices
  • Penetration of Unlocked by Carrier
  • Postpaid vs Prepaid distribution of Unlocked devices
  • Profiles of Unlocked Device buyers
  • Channel for Device purchase
  • Impact of Purchase on likelihood to switch carriers
  • Future Intenders of Unlocked Devices


Available outputs: Full Report (PowerPoint) + Databook


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