5G Intelligence Platform – November Report


5G will transform how consumers connect to one another and how information is processed, and with it consumer lifestyles, main street, and wall street. To track the adoption of this revolutionary technology, we launched the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform, which traces, on a monthly basis, the impact and adoption of 5G among wireless and wireline consumers, households, and business decision-makers.


This report provides November 2019 data from the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform. The Platform provides an in-depth, comparative view among consumers, household decision-makers, and business leaders, and looks at a wide array of variables including adoption, awareness, familiarity, favorability, intent to adopt or purchase, barriers to entry, concerns, value and differentiation, leadership in the 5G field, and general expectations.​

The 5G Intelligence Platform collects information on a monthly basis among more than 10,000 wireless subscribers, 8,000 household decision makers, and 500 business decision makers across small, medium, and large businesses. The wireless subs data throughout this presentation was collected in November 2019, the BDM data is from Q3 2019.

Available Outputs:

Full Report (PowerPoint)

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